16 Ways to Get O Discount Tickets

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16 Ways to Get O Discount Tickets
16 Ways to Get O Discount Tickets
"O" Show Tickets

Updated November 30, 2021: "O" by Cirque du Soleil discount tickets aren't that hard to come by. Despite claims that the O Las Vegas show is one of the toughest shows to find discounts because they're not cheap vegas tickets, we've proven otherwise. With a cast of over 85 performers and 150 stage technicians, "O" show Las Vegas is a stunning performance worth the ticket price. But high "O" ticket prices are where we come in--we've found ways to slash prices so you too can get "O" discount tickets Las Vegas!

"O" Show Tickets

"O" show tickets range in price. Check out the latest prices for "O" ticket below:

1. "O" Show Tickets from $118 at Vegas.com

Vegas.com's $118 "O" show tickets are the cheapest price on the web. In our experince with Cirque du Soleil tickets, Vegas.com normally offers the best ticket prices, they've got Vegas in their name afterall, they should. Hurry up and get your tickets to "O" because this show has been booked 244 times in the past 48 hours.

2. "O" Las Vegas Show Tickets from $208

O By Cirque du Soleil show tickets at Cheaptickets.com start at $208. Not a great deal folks. If weekend Cirque Du Soleil tickets were sold out everywhere else--then maybe this price would be tolerable--but you'll score a far better deal for "O" tickets at Vegas.com.

3. "O" Tickets from $148 at Hotels.com

Hotels.com, the huge online hotel room reseller, is offering "O" tickets from $148. Not a bad price. Hotels.com is generally a great place to source last minute Cirque du Soleil weekend tickets--when all other websites are sold out, Hotels.com usually still has tickets, and their reasonably priced too.

4. "O" Tickets from $123.33 at Viator

Last month, Viator was the price leader for Cirque du Soleil tickets, especially the "O" show, but the winds of change have, well, changed that. You can buy "O" show tickets at Viator starting at $123.33.

5. Ticketmaster Cirque du Soleil "O"

I don't know about you but I rarely find cheap vegas tickets at Ticketmaster, which I find strange because their name is "Ticket" "master" which implies that they're good at getting cheap show tickets. What's with that? Second gripe, when I land on their show tickets pages, for any show, you name it, I get a list of dates for that show but to get prices Ticketmaster forces me to click a "See Tickets" button for each date! Wait, as a consumer who wants to make the best choice possible, I want an easy way to compare show ticket prices, be that for "O" Vegas tickets or any other show in Sin City...or anywhere. But I digress and sadly "O" at Bellagio is not normally cheap at Ticketmaster. Sorry folks.

6. Stubhub "O" Tickets

Stubhub is a giant event tickets reseller. They have tickets for Cirque du Soliel shows and pretty much everything else going on. But because they're a ticket reseller--which means average people like you and me can resell show tickets we aren't going to use--their prices are normally pretty high. In the case of "O" show at Bellagio, Stubhub is about 45% higher during peak demand dates like weekends and holidays. No thanks Studhub, get back to me when you've truly got cheap vegas tickets.

7. "O" Cirque du Soleil Promo Codes

We used to have a promo code for "O". Ugh. But it's expired. Here's what you missed: Showtickets.com had 20CYBER, it was available through the end of December 2019 and you could take an extra $20 off already discounted "O" show ticket prices at Showtickets.com making their "O" tickets the cheapest on the web. If and when that promo code returns, we'll offer it right here!

8. Cirque Du Soleil Military Discount

Everyone wants discount tickets to Cirque Du Soleil. If you're active duty and retired military personnel as well as National Guard & Reserve personnel receive 10% military discount off of Bellagio hotel rooms and food & beverage. Sadly this offer is not extended to Bellagio show tickets such as "O" show tickets. However, if you get an MVP M Life Rewards Card you may qualify for "O" show ticket discounts based on casino play.

9. "O" by Cirque du Soleil Show Tickets at Groupon

Groupon is not currently offering "O" Bellagio discount tickets Las Vegas.

10. Up to 20% off "O" by Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio

Sorry, this offer has expired: Save up to $20 at Bellagio.com on O tickets. Be aware, these are noramlly "limited view" tickets or "wet seats" which are close enough to stage to be splashed a few times.

11. "O" Discount Tickets for Locals

Cirque du Soleil has a web page dedicated to Las Vegas local offers, but as of the time of this writing there are no local offers available.

12. Discounts for Children

Just a reminder: children under the age of 5 are not permitted into the O Theatre. At this moment there are no discounts for children to "O".

13. Cirque Du Soleil Group Tickets

If you're traveling to Las Vegas as a group of 12 or more people--or if you're a super outgoing person who can quickly make friends with at least 11 other people while standing on the Las Vegas Strip--savings are in your future! O offers deep show discounts to groups...and as a bonus you'll all get to sit together! Call Bellagio at 702-692-9494 for more details on group reservation discounts.

14. M life Rewards Discounts to "O"

If you're an M Life member you might be eligible for "O" discount tickets. Check with the Bellagio M Life desk when you arrive to Las Vegas.

15. AAA Member Discount

AAA members do not receive a discount for Bellagio Las Vegas show tickets but the hotel does offer 10% off rooms for members.

16. Cirque du Soleil Discount Tickets

We're all about discounts and saving on Las Vegas shows so we've found Cirque du Soleil discount ticket opportunities for all their shows! We not only list deals from Groupon, Vegas.com, Cheaptickets.com and the like but we also list Cirque du Soleil special offers too. If it's cheap Vegas show tickets you want, it's cheap Vegas show tickets you'll get, folks!

Mystere tickets
Le Reve tickets
Zumanity tickets

and more...

17. O by Cirque du Soleil New Year's Eve Tickets

O by Cirque du Soleil tickets WILL SELL OUT for New Year's Eve! If you wait much longer to buy tickets you'll very likely be disappointed so buy now for New Year's Eve shows.

Don't believe us? Check out the screen shot below, we took it October 26, 2021 at 7am Vegas time, for the O by Cirque du Soleil performance for December 30 and 31, 2021. It's already selling out!!! Like we said, if you want to attend a weekend show, buy now.

O by Cirque du Soleil New Year's Eve Tickets

Las Vegas Show Tickets

Let's find other ways to save on Las Vegas show tickets...

Choose Upper Level Seats

There really isn't a bad seat at the O theatre so don't spend extra on lower level seats...unless you want to see the show up and personal.

Tickets are Cheaper Off Season

The cost for Vegas show ticket slides up and down based on demand. During peak tourism periods Vegas show ticket prices will rise, conversly, during slow periods they'll fall. Slow tourism periods in Vegas include the week after Thanksgiving, the first half of December, the first week of January, and more. You get the point. So generally, discount Las Vegas show tickets are plentiful off-peak. If your travel plans are flexible you'll find that Las Vegas shows and hotels will be discounted during off-peak seasons--bonus!

Buy Las Vegas Show Tickets...

...in advance! Some believe that better show ticket prices can be had once they arrive in Vegas. Not in Vegas! Shows sell out, especially of the Cirque Du Soleil variety, so waiting to buy means tickets are mostly more expensive once in Las Vegas. Buying Las Vegas show tickets online and in advance is usually the best option. But, hey this is Vegas afterall so if you want to gamble...

Best Seats...

Most show theaters in Vegas are designed with viewers pleasure in mind so there's rarely a bad seat in the house. That means the most expensive seats are not always the "best" seats for viewing, especially for Cirque Du Soleil shows such as Bellagio's "O". Booking early therefore gives you the best options to pick the seats you prefer, save some money, and still enjoy the show.

More about "O" by Cirque du Soleil

O Las Vegas is a show by Cirque du Solieil which performs at Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas. "O", whose name is pronounced the same way as eau, the French word for "water", is a water-themed Cirque du Soleil production show which has attracted millions of show goers since it opened in 1998.

16 Ways to Get O Discount Tickets Details

Location: Bellagio hotel
Age Minimum: Ages 5+
Show Times: 7 & 9:30 PM Wed - Sun