Le Rêve

In a theatre, custom-built for the show, Le Reve (French for 'the dream') weaves a small collection of imperfect dreams (created by former Cirque du Soleil collaborator Franco Dragone) that entice audiences to leave the waking world behind. The only in-the-round arena on the strip, Wynn Theatre's seating is no further than 42 feet from the action. Its feeling is less formal and more like a sacred place where audiences can escape the external world. There, they experience amazing artistry and a spectacular story as it unfolds amid its pools, platforms and tunnels and overhead. There's a riveting pre-show, about 15 minutes before the main attraction begins as the characters appear, swimmers gliding through the water, angel-clowns materializing among the audience and an array of strange creatures, aerialists and other performers. Then, as fire, water and smoke appear, the action begins all around you, making it almost possible to take in everything at once.