Dig This

You'd never think that digging holes in the ground could be so much fun, but it is! At "Dig This", you'll have an opportunity to dig deep holes, throw tires, spin around, just like a kid!

Learn to Dig This!

Before beginning, you'll be given a thorough briefing as well as safety vests. You'll be subjected to a breathalyzer test, so think this through the night before you come! You're also given the opportunity to do some practice rounds in order to get used to the controls. Who knew digging a big hole was so much fun?!

Fun for Everyone

If there are family members who'd rather not participate, they can take pictures up in the stands. After your digging excursion, you'll get a celebratory certificate recognizing your amazing acheivements in moving dirt.

Dig Big with the Big Kids

Whether you're 14 or 114, you can participate in Dig This. Got a teenage boy that's bored? This will certainly perk him up! With prices beginning at $249, you'll have 90 minutes to dig, bulldoze or excavate!

Coupons Abound

Dig This frequently offers discounts through Groupon or Living Social. Check those sites before you book, and then dig away!