Titanic - The Artifact Exhibit

Titanic - the Artifacts Exhibit. The sinking of the Titanic on April 14, 1912, was one of the world’s worst human disasters, and an event that continues to educate – and fascinate – more than 90 years later.

You can relive the calamity in this 25,000-square-foot exhibition at the Tropicana. It plays host to more than 300 artifacts recovered from the wreckage, which rests 12,500 feet below the North Atlantic.

The exhibit includes what’s come to be known as “the big piece,” a 15-ton section of the hull, the largest chunk of the Titanic ever recovered. Personal artifacts include postcards from doomed passengers, luggage and glassware. But this isn’t “just a museum.” The exhibit takes visitors on a chronological trip through the life of Titanic, from the construction of the "unsinkable" ship through life onboard to the terrifying plunge into freezing waters.

Walk up the gangplank and see an authentic re-creation one a first-class cabin. Go down into the boiler room and experience the rumble of the mighty machinery. Touch a real iceberg!