The dancers in Jabbawockeez became stars when the troupe won "America's Best Dance Crew." Ever since, the group has been wowing audiences with its unique blend of music and movement.The dancers wear white masks and gloves, intended to allow the audience to focus on the ensemble's unity and artistry--not individual performers. Everything about the Jabbawockeez show, from all-new costumes, sets and special effects to original music The Bangerz (a group from JBWKZ Records), is one-of-a-kind. Jabbawockeez created "PRiSM" especially for Luxor. At the iconic Vegas pyramid with its famous beam of light, the group will challenge guests to "Wock into the light." In a new 830-seat theater designed to give every audience member an intimate view of the production, "PRiSM" will take visual representations of music to the next level.

Is Jabbawockeez Suitable for Children?

Minimum age for this show is 5

How Long is the Jabbawockeez?

90 minutes

What Are the Show Times for Jabbawockeez?

Sun - Mon 7pm; Thu & Sat 7pm & 9:30pm; Fri 9:30pm

How much are Jabbawockeez show tickets?

Show tickets start at $70.35